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International Attorney-Balaram Shrestha

Balaram shrestha is an international lawyer certified as an attorney and a registered foreign attorney in Japan. He is a veteran in the industry, with more than twenty years of professional experience as an attorney: twenty years in Nepal and seven years experience working in Japan. During this time he has been providing consultancy and legal services to various international companies regarding corporate business law.

Our office offers consultation and legal services for a variety of industry sectors, including domestic and international corporate customers and companies, banks, securities companies, foreign investment companies, hospitals and airliners. We cover a range of practice areas, such as international trade, imports and exports, mergers and acquisitions, international trade and arbitration, and international settlement. Balaram Shrestha is fluent in Japanese, English, Nepali, Hindi and Urdu.

Visited countries: United States of America, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, India, China, South Korea, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Tibet, Taiwan, the Philippines, Myanmar

He graduated from the Tribhuvan University Faculty of Law in Nepal with a Master’s degree, and is now a PhD candidate at the Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology in Japan.

He worked as an international attorney at Nagawa-Okumura Law Firm and the Tokyo Justice Law Firm from 2010 to 2014.
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1995 -Tribhuvan University School of Law graduate
1996- Attorney registration (Nepal government certification Nepal Bar Association)
2001-Master degree Graduated 2001 Tribhuvan University
2009-Registered foreign attorney in japan Bar association
Member registration 2009: Shunan city Bar Association, Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan
Member registration 2010: Tokyo Bar Association, Tokyo, Japan
2016 Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology- PhD candidate