Special Cooperation

Our office handles mainly support services of foreign business and foreigners visas in japan and foreign countries. We have the good cooperation with International BALARAM Attorney Law Office (International Attorney Law office). We are committed to responding to any consultation, troubles of foreigners living in Japan. So do not hesitate to consult us.

Our Services:
  1. Immigration Bureau Application procedures
    • Application for granting certificate of eligibility
    • Application for change of status of residence / renewal permission
    • Application for permanent residence
    • Other support for all immigration procedures
    • Short-term stay visas in Japan
  2. International Marriage
  3. Establishment of company
  4. Naturalization application
  5. Embassy Visa Application * Tourism outside Japan, support for
  6. acquisition of commercial visa (Asia, Europe and the United States, etc.)
  7. ※ Other, consultation available.

Name: Sawatori Makoto


Graduation from Waseda University


- Immigration Lawyer (Gyoseishoshi)
- Tokyo Metropolitan Government Gyoseishoshi Laywer Association